Massachusetts is the last glass standing.

This is one of four glasses given to me for Christmas several years ago by regular commenter Sara.  I had one glass for each state I’ve lived in: Idaho, Missouri, Massachusetts & Oregon.  Oregon and Idaho were the first to die, victim to my regular level of klutz. Then there was a respite of a goodly amount of time until today.

The glass was sitting on the counter and I reached up to the pot rack for a colander. When I pulled the colander down, the hook came too, then detached itself from the colander and BAM! A frontal assault on the Missouri glass.  Glass went everywhere!  It blew pieces all over the kitchen and the top part of the glass precariously on top of the lower part of the glass.

I cleaned it up and now Massachusetts is the only one left.

I’m not taking the blame for this glass going down.  I’m placing this firmly in the category of “freak accident.”

2 thoughts on “Massachusetts is the last glass standing.”

  1. That’s the very definition of a freak accident! I’m sad for you that three of these glasses are gone now. They were such a thoughtful gift. If I had one for every state I’ve lived in, I’d be getting close to an even dozen now, haha.

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