Third floor, corner room.

A long shot, so you can see how the new building is stacking up to the house next door.  That house was for sale a few years ago, and it turns out to be a good thing I didn’t buy it.  It’s pretty easy to look in the backyard now.  I still like the green tin roof, though.

But here’s the small (and out of focus) detail for today.  I’m very interested that these corner rooms seem to be triangle-shaped.  So far both the second and third floors are like that.  I’d like to see them from the inside.

And these telephone poles have appeared in the lot across the street.  I can’t tell if they have anything to do with this construction or not.

2 thoughts on “Third floor, corner room.”

  1. Once it’s finished, you’ll have to go in as a prospective "buyer" or whatever just to see what it looks like!

  2. nice to get a longer shot view of the place. And good thing that you didn’t buy it. I would be stinking fussy about that new build.

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