City of Roses Motel. Kind of reminds me of 10th Grade PE class.

When I walk by in the morning, the construction crews are gathering.  They’re all wearing versions of the same thing, like we had to be dressed in athletic clothing for PE.  They all stand around and roll is called, which is exactly what happened, except we had to stand in a line.  Then the roll-calling guy tells them what’s going to happen that day.  Just like we got daily instruction of a new PE technique or were told to play the game we’d been taught.

Here’s a smiley-face for you to think about.  When this building is ripped down someday in the future, will someone discover this smiley face under the siding and wonder who put it there?  I like this the way I like messages painted on steel I-beams when tall buildings are constructed.

The second floor is marching across the north part of the construction site.  And it’s getting lighter a little bit earlier every single day.

2 thoughts on “City of Roses Motel. Kind of reminds me of 10th Grade PE class.”

  1. We drove past a local construction site the other week and I noticed this huge sign that said "Things you must wear to enter" and below it had pictures of things like hard hat, safety vest, steel toed boots . . . and pants. "Pants?" I said out loud. Who doesn’t wear pants at a construction site? However, a few days later, I walked by the same site and noticed that the pants are, specifically, jeans. So apparently no khakis on the job. 😉

    And don’t let any of those "Smiley Face Killer" conspiracy theorists see that pic above, haha.

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