On the way to breakfast.

Here we have an example of how infill affects the neighborhood. In the foreground, we have two small cottages, typical of the street.  The two houses next door are infill, looming over their neighbors. You can also see one in the background.

Sometimes a lilac needs a little help from its next door neighbor.  The neighbor in question is a tall fir tree.

I love this re-do of a frame for an espalier.  New frame is made of 4x4s.  You can see the old 2×2 frame also.  The yard is so often about redoing.

5 thoughts on “On the way to breakfast.”

    1. I had a hedgerow of lilacs at my house in Iowa. Unfortunately, the previous owners didn’t know how to properly trim them, so they were 30 feet tall with a lot of bare branches down where you would want them to be full and flowery. There were 4 different kinds though. So, for those short few weeks, my house was full of lilacs and peonies!

      1. In the upstairs neighbor’s backyard is a very tall lilac tree that we can’t actually reach the lilacs due to lack of trimming. It’s too bad.

  1. I know the infills suck, but I feel like at least these mimic the style of the cottages, so they don’t look *completely* out of place. The color of those lilacs is really lush and beautiful. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen lilacs that color before.

    1. I’m for the infills in theory because I don’t like sprawl. And I do think these do a good job mimicking the style of the cottages. But then I get all judge-y about their size and that’s where it all falls apart.

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