Postcards from Louisana, Texas, and three from Pennsylvania.

Regular commenter Heather sent me a passel of postcards from her travels.  Here they are.

This is from the stopover in New Orleans where the Wolf Pack rode one of these carriages through the French Quarter.

Everyone’s favorite Pennsylvania town: Intercourse.    Heather also lists other dubious names in the area:  Bird-in-hand, Blue Ball, Paradise, Virginville, Smoketown and Mountville.

Here’s a pretty one from Texas.  This is where they celebrated L’s fourth birthday.

I do very much enjoy unusual recipe postcards.  Perhaps someday I will make myself a shoo-fly pie.  I notice that this recipe card makes two pies. That’s a lot of shoe-fly pie.

I love this incredibly long laundry line.  I wonder if they hang their unmentionables somewhere else?

3 thoughts on “Postcards from Louisana, Texas, and three from Pennsylvania.”

  1. I saw some racy, red man panties on the line the other day. They hang laundry on these long lines plus like on every porch available! Patrick has threatened to do a long line like that, but, I like the ability to hide my non-mentionables!

  2. Maybe shoe-fly pie is so delicious that you NEED to make two at a time? Sounds dangerous to me. That retro style Galveston card is really great.

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