An ambling type of day.

I had a few hours between appointments on a lovely Saturday, so I did something I rarely do.  I wandered about with no real goals in mind.  It was a beautiful day to do so.

This lilac impresses me with the amount of blooms it has managed to produce.

In Massachusetts I lived in what was called a Philadelphia-style house.  I just googled the term and results seem to indicate that this term is only used in the Boston area to descibe a two-family house.  At any rate, they were everywhere in the Boston area and I don’t often see them here.  So I took a picture of this one, which is not only a Philidelphia-style house, but said house seems to have managed to escape the sprucing up most houses have undergone in this neighborhood.

It was record store day.  This is a line to get into one of Portland’s record stores.

I ate my lunch here.  I did not try their delicious flan.  That term is an oxymoron in my book.  But every time I run across flan, I think of the Birthday Flan in one of the episodes of Friends and I smile.  That Birthday Flan got what it had coming to it.

2 thoughts on “An ambling type of day.”

  1. There is nothing quite like a meandering kind of day. Flan can be delicious or it can be like sweet eggs, which is not yummy!

  2. I recently saw an episode of House Hunters in Boston where the couple specifically wanted a Philadelphia-style house. I’d never heard of it before. Funny that I’ve run across it twice in about a week now. That scrawny lilac bush with an overabundance of blooms both amuses me and makes me happy. It’s like the little engine that could. I’m with you on flan!

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