Three sentence movie reviews: Furious 7

I’m hoping to rarely have other experiences watching the ghost of a dead man on the screen, because the (nearly seamless) CGI of Paul Walker made this movie hard to watch in some ways.  In other ways it was just as awesome as its predecessors, inspiring almost equal multiple thoughts of “that is totally unrealistic” and “this movie is awesome!”  Overall, this was a great addition to the franchise and I’m happy the loss of Paul Walker did not put an end to big dumb cars driving fast and furious.

cost: $5.00
Where watched: Regal City Center Stadium 12 with Christi

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5 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Furious 7”

  1. Didn’t they finish up his scenes with his brothers as stand-ins? I thought that The Crow was creepy for that same reason. How do you finish a movie when the actor dies during filming? And how many other movies have that same claim to fame?

    1. They did, and they also did CGI. I’d be interested to know what had already been filmed when he died. My impression was that just the first bit had and the rest was stitched together. But I might be wrong.

  2. It does seem rather creepy. I know from EW that the cast and crew was just devastated by the loss. I would guess it was really hard for them to go on.

    1. While I appreciate his talents, I was never it it for Mr. Walker. So I’m quite happy to see 8 on the slate.

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