Temporary quick trip to the Airport

On the one hand, we can easily take public transportation to the airport.  On the other hand, it takes a long time.  We’re nearly at the end of the Yellow Line and our trip consists of going to the Rose Quarter (into town) and then transferring to the Red Line which takes us to the airport (back out of town).  Meanwhile, a drive to the airport is a straight shot down Columbia Boulevard and takes nearly no time at all.  I’ve often wished for a bus that would do the Kenton-to-Airport route.  I wonder if it would pull more people from Vancouver.

But right now there is major track work in the Rose Quarter which means all the lines have been a jumble.  (The Yellow Line is mostly fine, it just isn’t running as often.)  The Red Line now runs on the Yellow Line to Kenton and then people can take a shuttle bus to the airport.  So here it is!  My quick trip to the airport.IMG_5870

Too bad I don’t have any flights scheduled.  If there are no construction delays, this will be done by September 4.