No longer will we be subjected to the tyranny of excess plastic, single use tape dispensers.

We run out of tape.  I go to Fred Meyer, the place where I probably spend 80% of funds.  Because they have everything.  But you know what they don’t have?  Tape dispensers.  So, being out of tape, and needing tape, I once again purchase those plastic not-reusable clear tape dispensers.

Repeat.  For nine years.

But I have finally purchased tape dispensers!  One for me, one for Matt and one for the common area.IMG_5881

Free at last!

Hello from the future. October 2016, to be exact.

My computer has been out of commission for two weeks now.  And, despite having it “repaired” by a national chain of tech help, it is still not working right and will have to be repaired again.  Which means another week will pass without my vital electronic helper.

Once I regain possession of a completely working computer, I will return to blogging.  You can look forward to:

  • The rest of the August posts.
  • Multiple posts (I believe there are six) about the Oregon State Fair.
  • Vacation pictures.
  • Blog post #3000.
  • More movie reviews, (though not many more, as I haven’t had much time for movies, either.)
  • More book reviews (so far October has been a Smart Slut extravaganza.  Thanks, Heidi Joy Trethaway!)
  • More of the this-and-that that makes this blog go.

Portland Actor’s Ensemble Love’s Labour’s Lost

We’ve managed to attend both of PAE’s performances this year.  I appreciate how they begin with a tragedy and end with a comedy.IMG_5883

The Kings court, discussing the decree.IMG_5886

Our performance was ASL interpreted, which was cool.IMG_5892

Enrique Andrade (the Spanish voice of TriMet) as Don Armando.IMG_5895

Accompanied by the quite young and charming Manuel Avalos as Moth.IMG_5896

Kaelea Saplan as the Princess (in this version she is not from Aquitaine, just a run-of-the-mill princess.)  She was quite good as was LD McClure as Boyet.IMG_5904

I loved the 50s costuming.IMG_5905 IMG_5909

Including the boys glee club vibe.IMG_5910 IMG_5911

Costard (Jeremy Urann) had the rustic-cum-greaser down pat.IMG_5913

This production also had some excellent musical interludes like this one set to the Theme from a Summer Place where the attendants advanced their romances via sports.IMG_5915

I loved this moment Jessica Hillenbrand as Rosline slays Andy Haftkowycz as Berowne with a single look.IMG_5917

The girls post wooing.IMG_5918

Phillip Giesy and Paige McKinney played Sir Nathaniel and Holofernia and were excellent comic relief.IMG_5921 IMG_5922

The second act began with Emma Holland (Jaquenetta) and Jeremy Urann doing a fun dance.IMG_5927 IMG_5928 IMG_5931

The prince and his attendants disguised themselves as Muscovites to court the ladies.  These Muscovites come as Russian-style gangsters.  The ladies also have disguised themselves and come prepared for the men.  There is more wooing to the sound of Hernado’s Hidaway.IMG_5936

After that it was too dark for photos, but know that it all ended somewhat happily ever after. I find this play ends rather abruptly.

Yet another excellent evening with PAE.