Hello from the future. October 2016, to be exact.

My computer has been out of commission for two weeks now.  And, despite having it “repaired” by a national chain of tech help, it is still not working right and will have to be repaired again.  Which means another week will pass without my vital electronic helper.

Once I regain possession of a completely working computer, I will return to blogging.  You can look forward to:

  • The rest of the August posts.
  • Multiple posts (I believe there are six) about the Oregon State Fair.
  • Vacation pictures.
  • Blog post #3000.
  • More movie reviews, (though not many more, as I haven’t had much time for movies, either.)
  • More book reviews (so far October has been a Smart Slut extravaganza.  Thanks, Heidi Joy Trethaway!)
  • More of the this-and-that that makes this blog go.

One thought on “Hello from the future. October 2016, to be exact.”

  1. Grrrrrrr…. to the computer issues. So frustrating!

    Yay to new posts coming soon.

    You will be excited to know that blog posts have actually made it on to my to do list again. That does mean something!

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