Portland Actor’s Ensemble Love’s Labour’s Lost

We’ve managed to attend both of PAE’s performances this year.  I appreciate how they begin with a tragedy and end with a comedy.IMG_5883

The Kings court, discussing the decree.IMG_5886

Our performance was ASL interpreted, which was cool.IMG_5892

Enrique Andrade (the Spanish voice of TriMet) as Don Armando.IMG_5895

Accompanied by the quite young and charming Manuel Avalos as Moth.IMG_5896

Kaelea Saplan as the Princess (in this version she is not from Aquitaine, just a run-of-the-mill princess.)  She was quite good as was LD McClure as Boyet.IMG_5904

I loved the 50s costuming.IMG_5905 IMG_5909

Including the boys glee club vibe.IMG_5910 IMG_5911

Costard (Jeremy Urann) had the rustic-cum-greaser down pat.IMG_5913

This production also had some excellent musical interludes like this one set to the Theme from a Summer Place where the attendants advanced their romances via sports.IMG_5915

I loved this moment Jessica Hillenbrand as Rosline slays Andy Haftkowycz as Berowne with a single look.IMG_5917

The girls post wooing.IMG_5918

Phillip Giesy and Paige McKinney played Sir Nathaniel and Holofernia and were excellent comic relief.IMG_5921 IMG_5922

The second act began with Emma Holland (Jaquenetta) and Jeremy Urann doing a fun dance.IMG_5927 IMG_5928 IMG_5931

The prince and his attendants disguised themselves as Muscovites to court the ladies.  These Muscovites come as Russian-style gangsters.  The ladies also have disguised themselves and come prepared for the men.  There is more wooing to the sound of Hernado’s Hidaway.IMG_5936

After that it was too dark for photos, but know that it all ended somewhat happily ever after. I find this play ends rather abruptly.

Yet another excellent evening with PAE.

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  1. This looks like such a fun production! Loved the costumes, too! Our recent PTX concert was ASL interpreted (right near us) and it was super fun to watch them interpret the music with such flair and fun!

    PS-Hi friend! Got your postcard today. It was a fun surprise.

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