My favorite letter to the editor this August.

If it weren’t for Mr. Christensen of Forest Grove, I wouldn’t have noticed that there really aren’t very many campaign bumper stickers this election season.  I also enjoy that he includes a tip for displaying the bumper sticker in regions other than the bumper.IMG_5876

Responses to this letter took the theme of “I don’t want my car vandalized for my political viewpoint.”  Which is a bummer.  There should be no vandalizing of cars.

3 thoughts on “My favorite letter to the editor this August.”

  1. Oh my gosh, I saw a Ben Carson bumper sticker the other week! I couldn’t believe it! I’ve never known a single person who was pro-Ben Carson. I’ve also seen a handful of Trump and Clinton stickers. Most of what I saw was Bernie stickers, back when he was running.

    I’m just not inclined to put stickers on my car at all. Not my thing.

  2. My father was a stickler for never marking up cars with bumper stickers. Even the ever present Wall Drug bumper sticker was relegated to a box rather than the car. And, I also go along those lines. Although I do stand and gawk at other people’s displays I am not one to post my beliefs or likes on my car (or even really anywhere- not even Facebook!) simply because I don’t like inviting judgement.

    I see too many political signs being being utterly destroyed on yards. And it brings up a debate on whether or not stealing political signs is stealing…

    1. We never had bumper stickers on our car either. And I wouldn’t put one on if I had car, mostly because I think putting one bumper sticker on a car doesn’t really give a full picture and nuance. I love cars that have many, for just that reason. I saw one yesterday that the stickers had taken over the entire back trunk area of the car.

      And of course we both know that taking political signs isn’t stealing when you have a place to put them. Like maybe your band teacher’s yard before competition.

      They would be harder to steal in an efficient manner now, though. They aren’t cardboard with one wooden stake, they are plastic with a u-shaped wire. It wouldn’t be as easy to grab three or four at a time. Plus, the wire seems more poke-y than the the stakes.

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