Three sentence movie reviews: Elvis & Nixon


This was one of those really enjoyable movies that crept up on me.  The premise is already amusing, so there was that, but both actors so embodied their characters that it was fun to sink into the drama.*  Insights into the pain and pleasures of being famous were plentiful also.

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*Kevin Spacey looks nothing like Nixon, but he had the man down.

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Three sentence movie reviews: River of Grass


I felt lucky to be able to watch this early Kelly Reichardt movie and found it very much keeping in the Reichardt style.  It did a good job of overturning all the Bonnie and Clyde cliches.  I also found the Florida setting interesting, as many of her movies are set in Oregon.

Cost: free via work-sponsored Netflix.
Where watched: at home.

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Hiking the Gorge: Larch Mountain

In which we attempt to go to Sherrad Point, but are thwarted by our hiking book’s directions.IMG_5938

In which we return to where we were and hike up to the picnic area, only to figure out where we went wrong.IMG_5939

Poor form!  Someone left a bottle of water for someone else to clean up.  We took it home and recycled it.  Shortly after this point, I tripped and full-body flopped to the ground.  My camera went flying, but thankfully tumbled onto soft needles and wasn’t damaged.  I put the camera away, so as to not court more danger.  So there are fewer photos of this trip.IMG_5940

Bridge timer photo.IMG_5941

Matt crosses the bridge.IMG_5942

We had just missed huckleberry season.IMG_5943

Abrupt change in trail elevation.

And we make it back to our starting position.  This was a fun hike and we saw few people.  We’ve made plans to go back in May or June as a lot of the hike runs along a creek.  In late August, the creek had run dry, so it would be fun to go back and compare.IMG_5946