Three sentence movie reviews: Strange Days


Interesting 1995-era perspective about the turn of the millennium.  This was gripping and icky and very, very tense.  I didn’t notice Juliette Lewis was in it until she appeared on screen, at which time I gave a sigh of annoyance, but Ralph Fiennes and Angela Bassett were quite good.

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I have never been to Pacific City before

After hiking, we went to find food.  We found it in Pacific City, where we did not wait 90 minutes for a table at the Pelican Brewery, but instead walked across the street to the pizza place (where they called your order number over a microphone!) and had no wait at all.

Having eaten, we headed down to put our toes in the surf.  Walking over the bluff, I gasped, because what did I spy on the beach?  Cars!  Many, many cars!

I rarely see cars on Oregon beaches and certainly not in these vast quantities.IMG_5779 IMG_5780 IMG_5781 IMG_5782 IMG_5783

Cars on the beach!  Crazy!

Cascade Head Hike for Kelly’s Birthday

It’s Kelly’s birthday and she wants to go to hike Cascade Head.  So off we go in Heidi and Kevin’s Car.

There was a stowaway who climbed aboard for the trip.IMG_5768

Kevin got to drive.  Thanks Kevin!IMG_5769

From the car, pictures of some trees.IMG_5770

At the informational sign.IMG_5771

Kevin had to be coaxed into posing.IMG_5772

Our first glimpse of the ocean.IMG_5773

Long way to fall.IMG_5774 IMG_5775

Heidi made birthday cupcakes!  The birthday girl samples hers.IMG_5776 IMG_5777

Our view while we snacked.IMG_5778

Cascade Head makes for a good birthday hike!