My favorite letter to the editor this August.

If it weren’t for Mr. Christensen of Forest Grove, I wouldn’t have noticed that there really aren’t very many campaign bumper stickers this election season.  I also enjoy that he includes a tip for displaying the bumper sticker in regions other than the bumper.IMG_5876

Responses to this letter took the theme of “I don’t want my car vandalized for my political viewpoint.”  Which is a bummer.  There should be no vandalizing of cars.

Escape Room: Theme American Revolution

Matt waves from outside our escape room. This is my second escape room, and Matt’s fifth (?)IMG_5877

Signing the waiver.IMG_5878

The rules.  “Every rule has a story behind it,” said our guide.  In this escape room, the employee sat in the room with us (my previous experience we were observed from outside the room) and he made a point of saying, “There is nothing in my pockets.”  Poor guy.IMG_5879

As you might guess by this photo, our room was American Revolution themed.  Here is our time.  We escaped.IMG_5880In other news, apparently, I didn’t get the memo on the female pose.