Cascade Head Hike for Kelly’s Birthday

It’s Kelly’s birthday and she wants to go to hike Cascade Head.  So off we go in Heidi and Kevin’s Car.

There was a stowaway who climbed aboard for the trip.IMG_5768

Kevin got to drive.  Thanks Kevin!IMG_5769

From the car, pictures of some trees.IMG_5770

At the informational sign.IMG_5771

Kevin had to be coaxed into posing.IMG_5772

Our first glimpse of the ocean.IMG_5773

Long way to fall.IMG_5774 IMG_5775

Heidi made birthday cupcakes!  The birthday girl samples hers.IMG_5776 IMG_5777

Our view while we snacked.IMG_5778

Cascade Head makes for a good birthday hike!

2 thoughts on “Cascade Head Hike for Kelly’s Birthday”

  1. The posed picture of Kelly, Kevin & Heidi captures all of their personalities perfectly. Lol! What flavor were the cupcakes? Carrot? Looks like a great hike!

    1. RE: H,K&K, I thought the same thing too. In that series, I didn’t catch what would have been the first shot, when I told them to pose and Kevin immediately faced backwards. Heidi and Kelly heckled him until he turned fully around.

      Cupcakes were lemon, thank goodness!

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