Backyard redo: establishing shots

I’m taking classes to obtain a Copyediting certificate, and my course is four quarters long. After the first quarter, I decided to finish the course using an every-other-quarter approach. This turned out to be brilliant, because it means that I spend three months doing schoolwork and then have three months to complete a house project. Projects that would normally be started and then put off get done because I’ve only got three months until homework takes over my free time.

The side yard was the project between Grammar Lab and Copyediting I. Now we will redo the back yard as a bridge between Copyediting I and Copyediting II.

Here’s what we have to work with. In the fall I gave away the espaliered apple trees and we made a mound of dirt in the back corner because we had to excavate dirt from the side yard in order to put in the path. In the late winter I took down all the poles where the espaliered apple trees were and I also took down the bat box. We also disassembled the raised beds and the boards are still sitting there. Plus, the wheat I didn’t mean to grow last year has spread.

In short, the backyard needs some cleaning up before we start on the project.

A view from the edge of the new side yard path. On the left will be new plantings of asparagus, doubling the asparagus production for the yard. (!!!)  In the middle will be hardscaping of some sort.  Maybe flagstone?  We shall see what the budget allows.

From the back corner.  The right side will be the aforementioned asparagus. The left side will have something planted that is yet to be determined.  The already existing raspberry bush, blueberry bushes and contorted quince will stay.

I might be overly optimistic, but I think this might be an easier project than the side yard.  It’s a smaller space, for one.  Also, we know better what we are doing when laying stone.

2 thoughts on “Backyard redo: establishing shots”

  1. It is great to have the before/establishing shots and also to see how nice the side yard path looks from the back yard view.

    1. That establishing shot does make me feel better. I’m currently in a Very Frustrated state with this project. It looks better than it did, even if it isn’t done.

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