Book reading: Lloyd Kahn, Tiny Homes on the Move.

I didn’t realize until he started talking, that this guy was one of the people involved with the publishing of the book Stretching, which I’ve used for years.  If I had picked up on that fact, I would have brought my very used copy.  He even had the Stretching software installed on his computer, which I have used in the past.  
In Tiny Homes on the Move, we got a slide show of exactly that.  Many people in the audience were tiny homes enthusiasts and so it was amusing when people asked specific questions about tiny home construction, only to hear the author himself wasn’t a tiny home enthusiast himself.
I enjoyed that two people in the audience both wore hot pink and also sat near each other.

4 thoughts on “Book reading: Lloyd Kahn, Tiny Homes on the Move.”

  1. If he is not a tiny home owner, I find it odd that he wrote this book. And yet, he says he has a self built home, which I know is a part of the tiny homes movement. Interesting. Books on stretching and moving tiny homes, he may be a modern Renaissance man.

  2. I think he went where the market was. Which I get. He did strike me as a bit of a Renaissance man. He also wrote the book on geodesic dome construction and then pulled the copywrite permissions when he realized that geodesic domes weren't really that great.

  3. I just can't get into the tiny home movement. I think they're really cool and people do absolutely amazing stuff with the small spaces they have. If I lived alone, I'd be amenable to it. Living with another person, no way. I love my husband but I need my space. On the flip side, I don't need a house that's like 4,000 square feet. That's insane. I bet this talk was really interesting! The hot pink shoes are awesome.

  4. The author pointed out that many couples have his-and-hers tiny homes. A thought that has already occurred to me. No way can I live in 400 square feet with one other person.

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