Coming soon: Criss-Cross Crosswalk

When I was 11, my aunts took my brother and I to Hawaii.  We stayed on Molokai (wonderful beaches, big waves!) and visited Honolulu, which I was much less charmed with as I got gum on the side of my nice suede sandals and the beaches were not as clean as on Molokai.  But the cool thing that Honolulu did have was criss-cross crosswalks.  These were crosswalks where all traffic would stop and the pedestrians could cross any which way, including diagonally! This delighted my brother and I to no end.

Guess what?  Coming soon to this very intersection in my own town will be a criss-cross crosswalk.  Although apparently the official term is  “pedestrian scramble.”  Which I think is not nearly as good of a term and someone in the paper observed “sounds like a term for what a cannibal would eat for brunch.”

Anyway, coming soon!  Very exciting!

2 thoughts on “Coming soon: Criss-Cross Crosswalk”

  1. I think there’s one of these in Venice, although I’ve never stepped foot in it. “Pedestrian scramble” sounds rather, um, dangerous to me. I prefer criss-cross crosswalk.

  2. This is just begging to have a flash mob dance sequence occur! Ooh. The anticipation! (As an aside, I can’t believe how far behind I am in reading that I can’t even figure out if I am going in the correct direction! And I do like the new format.)

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