Crazy Basketball Player and Crazy Statement

Ten years from now we will all be amused by this hair, (facial and otherwise).

This is from an article about Green Zebra Grocery Store. It’s a tiny grocery store that has the aesthetic of a natural foods store and the size of a convenience store. The owner is looking to expand to other neighborhoods and is drumming up investors.
Here she says, “The Kenton neighborhood is part of an urban renewal neighborhood, and they didn’t have a grocery store.”
But the paragraph above says, “When the store opened in Kenton, the nearest full-service grocery store was the Interstate Avenue Fred Meyer, about a mile away.” 
I live in the Kenton Neighborhood and I think Sedlar doesn’t have a good grip on the Kenton geography.  The Interstate Fred Meyer is four blocks away from me.  And about six blocks past that is a New Seasons.  I feel very well served by grocery stores.  Also, even if the Fred Meyer is a mile away from the furthest reaches of the Kenton neighborhood, that’s pretty darn close.  Walkable in 20 minutes.  I’m thinking of my friend who lives in Cully.  Now that’s an undeserved neighborhood for grocery stores.  
I’m all for putting fancy convenience stores in food deserts, but I think maybe the neighborhood should be a food desert.

3 thoughts on “Crazy Basketball Player and Crazy Statement”

  1. It's possible that she was misquoted. Perhaps she meant a small, independent store of her ilk, rather than a large chain. (More likely she just doesn't understand the neighborhood though. I wonder if she lives in Kenton.)

    The whole "messy beard" look that's been popular recently isn't one I'm particularly fond of, although I have to admit extreme amusement that the Timbers' latest acquisition, Nat Borchers, claims to have "followed his beard" to Portland. You should check out a pic of him if you haven't already seen one. It will all make sense.

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