Crepe finished! It’s a dress!

Things I like:  the sweetheart neckline, the back, the fun sleeves, the length, the material, the fact it’s a wrap dress that wraps in the back.

Things I don’t like:  it’s a good standing dress, but it gapes when I sit, which I’m not thrilled about.  Also, I have miles to go on the fitting thing.  The bodice is too loose.

Overall:  Very happy with it.  It’s so summer!

3 thoughts on “Crepe finished! It’s a dress!”

  1. Did you know Don or was it Phil's daughter was married to Axel Rose for a short time?
    Did I ever tell you the story of my cousin who had a high school girlfriend named Cathy? He was definitely her clown. None
    of us liked her. I am afraid we often sung this song very sarcastically.
    Did you know the Everly Brothers are older than me? Imagine. MOM

  2. It is perfect. I really liked the two layers of color and how well they went together. I am still very impressed with your sewing skills. How fun to see you in it in person!! KMS

  3. I love the moms' commentary! I also loved your dress. It was so lovely in person. The two fabrics worked so well together. Fab-U-Lous!

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