Even more nostalgia driving and the lack of my elementary school

Lori’s house, the site of many childhood sleepovers.
Southminster Presbyterian Church.  I was confirmed there.  It took for a bit, then it didn’t.
I knew my elementary school had been torn down and another school built but I wasn’t quite prepared for what I encountered.  I approached the school from the back.  This used to be the very back of the field.  Now the school is located here?
And!  Gasp!  It’s not called McKinley anymore? Who decided that was okay?
This parking lot partially covers where the school used to be.
Jenn’s house.  There were a goodly amount of sleepovers here too.  One summer night, we stayed up all night just to scare our classmate Ben, who was the paperboy.

3 thoughts on “Even more nostalgia driving and the lack of my elementary school”

  1. I had forgotten that they renames all of the new schools. Odd…

    Oh yeah, the new west is by my parents house, just off of Victory drive (behind the new school admin buildings). Sorry I couldn't help but comment like other's before me…

  2. The school things just make me sad. What a loss. I don't wont the empty schools to be schools anymore, but why tear them down before selling…

  3. Oh, but the best part about staying up all night to scare the paper boy was when one of us started to hallucinate that there were gnomes hanging out under the car! And they were gonna come and get us! (And that we went toilet papering- I am sure we did, because at that age, we tended to do that!

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