I cast my historic vote!

When I was 18, I cast my first vote ever in the US Presidential race for Bill Clinton and he won!  Growing up in a household of Democrats during the Reagan and Bush administrations, this was a very big deal.  I began my adulthood with a president I voted for.  I’m excited to be 42 and casting my vote for Hillary Clinton.  I never really had a guess as to when I would be able to vote for a woman for US President, because it always seemed so far away.  I’m happy to be casting this historic vote.

(I also voted for everything else too.  Running this country isn’t just about who is president.)

5 thoughts on “I cast my historic vote!”

    1. Yeah. Focusing on the thrill of getting to vote for a woman Presidential candidate is less fun than that woman actually winning.

  1. Ditto to Shawn.

    And I love how gleeful past us are in our pictures. Also see previous post about the Anti-President-Cheeto art.

  2. It makes me really sad to look at the picture Dan and I took together while getting our free cookies for voting. We looked so happy. And I remember that, on the way to our polling place, I felt so much pride that I was on my way to vote for a woman to lead our country.

    In short, I echo Shawn: [wistful sigh].

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