Keeping the vintage dress local

Early one Tuesday morning, I dropped books off at the library and continued on Denver Avenue.  But wait! I screeched to a stop. Is that my dress on display in the window of an antique shop?  I wheeled my bike over for another look.   It is!  That lovely grey and pink lace covered dress was my go-to fancy dress for years.  In fact, here’s a photo of me wearing it.

Riding the rest of the way to work, I tried to remember what happened to it. I’m pretty sure I donated it to the Goodwill.  But it’s made its way back to this vintage store.  We’re keeping it in the Kenton neighborhood.

3 thoughts on “Keeping the vintage dress local”

  1. Oh my goodness, there’s my husband in that old pic! He’s so skinny, haha!

    I loved that dress. It’s a very “you” dress. Hopefully it will go to someone who wears it just as well.

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