Get the dirt out

Here we are looking at the corner of Davis and 10th. This is the block I’ve been watching change. Currently, there are two dump trucks on the block itself and three waiting.  Excavation is always the first part of the high-rise project.
And here we see the actual excavation. This reminds me both of Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel, and Fuel by Ani DiFranco, that stalwart of my late 90s/early 2000s experience.

3 thoughts on “Get the dirt out”

  1. I wonder how long this will take? Building always go up faster than I think they should. Then I worry about the veracity of their construction.

    1. Four months later we’re still in the dig hole stage. There also might be some concrete happening? For me, the stage through the concrete seems to take forever. Then it happens relatively fast. Although there are two tall buildings being built that I pass on my way to the bank to deposit the work checks. The block was being cleared when I started working there and the buildings are getting close to being finished, but not yet. It’s been two years.

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