Kid thank you

So sweet.  This is from one of the K/1 classes.  My favorite is “she has her own style” which is a comment that another co-worker also got.  I laughed because the other co-worker has a very fun sense of style, while mine involves wearing the same thing every day of the week.  But to a K/1, I guess that counts as “own sense of style.”

3 thoughts on “Kid thank you”

  1. I think the most important piece of information I've learned here is that you do REALLY GREAT cartwheels. I would like to see this.

  2. I did one this year during recess transition, probably about two days before they wrote this. I'm good for a cartwheel now and then. And I do a mean round-off. Only problem is that now when I do them I see spots for a few minutes.

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