Long walk home.

I took a walk up Mississippi on the way home from work today and took a few pictures of ghost stairs.

Judging by the staircases, there were at least three houses on this bluff.

Now it’s just grass and an “available” sign.

It’s times like these I fantasize about buying the whole swath with my millions and repopulating it.

I also came across this house, and felt worried for it as it looks like it is ready for demo.  But while photographing it, I realized it is the house that was moved from N. Mississippi Ave. a few months ago and that it is settling into its new home.  Hooray!

4 thoughts on “Long walk home.”

  1. I love those ghost steps. They would be perfect for a Senior Portrait Series (if we were still doing those!). How fun that the house was moved and gets to have a second life!!! Oh, BTW, what would you put on that lot?

  2. Wootie woot! Snow day II commenting complete. I now get to cross it off of my TO DO list. Because of course, it is on my TO DO list! Now to blog…

  3. I was thinking four tiny homes in the style of Victorian cottage architecture. That would leave room for a shared courtyard with some garden beds.

  4. The ghost steps are lovely. It sort of looks like the English countryside. I really like the idea that a whole house can be picked up and moved to a new neighborhood. That's cool.

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