Mediocre chain restaurant is now gone from the Pearl

At my previous job, it wasn’t unusual to end up at Noodles now and again, just because it was so close.  The food was always so-so.  It seems that others in the area might have felt the same.  I can’t say I’m too broken up.

Also, I’m amused that “not far” to them means Washington Square.  By my reckoning, they are very far away.

4 thoughts on “Mediocre chain restaurant is now gone from the Pearl”

  1. I’ve given Noodles & Company a fair shake. I ate a few times at the one posted here and didn’t like it. Then I didn’t live near one for 8 years until we moved here. I tried it here 3 times. Still didn’t like it. I wouldn’t be sad if they all disappeared, except I’d feel bad about all the people who lost jobs.

    1. I like them in theory, what with the using fresh vegetables and their mix-and-match menu. But in practice, the food just didn’t carry on my theoretically like to an actual like.

  2. I always just eat mac and cheese there and that’s less hard to screw up. Yes it can be iffy, but let’s be honest, I still like Craft M&C so perhaps we should not judge by my palette!

    I like that the near by address is not even Portland! 🙂

    1. Their Mac & Cheese was one of the first things I stopped ordering. Kraft M&C is better. I did like the Japanese Noodle one. It came with a lot of vegetables. So that was fairly reliable.

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