More hiking in the Gorge: Horsetail Falls

At the beginning.IMG_5827

The eponymous falls.IMG_5828

Thanks to this interpretative sign, I now know the different types of waterfalls.  From left to right:  Horsetail Waterfalls, Plunge Waterfalls, Segmented Waterfalls.IMG_5829

Would you like a photo of some lichen?IMG_5834

Matt stands under the 80 foot Ponytail Falls.  Of note, this picture took much waving of hands (I was quite far away) and several photos taken because the water kept blurring.IMG_5836

Like in this example.IMG_5842


Looking through the falls. IMG_5845

Pretty green hanging ferns.IMG_5846

Poor Glenn.  If he was still alive we would more-or-less be the same age.  The article from the Oregonian said he and his friend were hiking when this happened.IMG_5847

Downed tree or shaggy wizard?IMG_5849

More falls.IMG_5850

Tall bridge! With interesting anti-flag sticker I didn’t notice when I took the picture.IMG_5852

Blurry picture, but very cool tree growing out of a nurse log. I love how long the roots are.IMG_5853

Guess what this group of falls is called?  Just guess!IMG_5854

Did you guess Triple Falls? You are right!IMG_5856

Some cairns.IMG_5858

Timer photo shot.IMG_5859

This is the mouth of the Oneonta Gorge.  People were hiking back into it.  IMG_5860

Tunnel!  This was once part of the Columbia River Gorge Highway.  Imagine driving your Model T through this tunnel!  The interpretative sign told me that this was a difficult tunnel to make due to how the rock disintegrated easily.   If memory serves, they solved this problem by reinforcing everything with concrete and that made it all good.  Guess what explains this better than me?  The internet!  You can read about construction by going here.  Scroll down to Design and Desription to find a better explanation.IMG_5865

Lots of rock.  Which I now have been reminded is basalt rock.  Also known as “dice” rock.  Me and geology.  We don’t get along so well.IMG_5866

This was yet another good Gorge hike.

2 thoughts on “More hiking in the Gorge: Horsetail Falls”

  1. Well, I’ll be damned. The Horsetail Falls really do look like a horse’s tail. You’re making me jealous with all your hikes. I need to get back into it. Been too focused on editing. My favorite picture was the one looking out from underneath Ponytail Falls.

    1. I like that photo too. Just wait until you see our vacation hiking photos. Which you will have to do. Wait, I mean. Because I’m not there yet. And I have to get through 6 or 7 posts about the state fair. 🙂

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