Photo from October 1990, poem by Gary Soto

Another good one taken by Cindy.  That’s me on the left and H on the right in Pleasanton, California where we traveled with the marching band for competition during the autumn of our sophomore year.   I’m wearing fishnet stockings with zebra striped glow-in-the-dark Converse high tops. My friends and I were prone to wearing the fishnet/Converse combo from time to time.  That was the band trip that H arranged for all the boys in the band to sing “16 Candles” to me on my 16th birthday.

Also in the same photo album a poem/snippit of a poem by Gary Soto that I really liked when it was handed to me by Mrs. Brown, my awesome ninth grade English teacher.  Thank goodness I kept it, because I can’t find it anywhere online.

4 thoughts on “Photo from October 1990, poem by Gary Soto”

  1. Oh the fishnet days! What would HS me have said to much older modern me about the fact that I own and wear fishnet stockings on occasion? Well, it was a couple years ago, but they were so fashionable! Because the PW-ers wore them so much I associated them with you for a long time. I remember when it would be time to buy more and I would often join you for those shopping outings. What fun!

  2. I even have trouser sock versions of them! 🙂 In truth I find that the netting really bothers the sole of my foot, so I wear them less.

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