Postcard from Slovakia


This is my first postcard from Slovokia!

It is from Zuzana, who when reading my appeal for postcard that picture libraries, sent me this mansion, because it shows the library in the mansion. ¬†She also told me that my birthday is on the same day as her grandson, but that he’s only four.

She also included some great stamps.



3 thoughts on “Postcard from Slovakia”

  1. That hockey stamp is so cool! I wouldn’t mind a mansion with a fabulous library in it, or even a reasonably sized house with one.

  2. I really like the compilation/collage style postcards. Are there people in postcrossing who do not like these? I am really intrigued with those who are persnickety about what you can send.

    1. I like them too, because why have one good view when you can have several? I think a lot of postcrossers are official collectors and they see the multi-view as being a lesser kind of postcard. Which, price-wise is true. And I think that’s why a lot request no homemade postcards. But the homemade ones I’ve gotten have been awesome, so I think those people are missing out.

      I once came across a postcrosser who only sent out the multi-view. Her whole wall of sent postcards was the same postcard. That would simplify things.

      Another postcrosser explicitly requests multi-view because that’s how she plans her trips. Such a smart gal.

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