“Seattle” Spartan Race

We drove to Snohomish for what is advertised on the web site as the Seattle Spartan Race.  Matt was doing the Beast, which was a step up from his race in April.  The sign informs us that the race is 11+ miles and 30+ obstacles.  If I may interject, the lack of detail on the sign is maddening.  Maybe they don’t know exactly how long the course is, but surely they know the exact number of obstacles, seeing as how they have to set them up.

Bag check.

Matt, his wristband, the map, and the plan.

Based on Matt’s performance in April, we estimated when I would have photo ops.

Plan established, Matt gears up, and poses at the official sign.  Here, he is following my prompt to “be a Beast”

Shirts of a team of participants.  While it’s impossible for the person on the right to fulfill both parts of her team name, she’s got the first one down. 

Athletic supporter!  Above and beyond!

Matt gets ready.  Why walk to the starting line when you can climb over a wall?

This was the race were I discovered my camera could take continuous photos if I held the shutter down.  I have a lot of continuous photo shots which were supposed to be complied into short videos, but were not.  Here’s Matt at the start of the race.  I enjoy this photo because he’s barely in the frame and that other guy has lost his shoe in the first 50 feet of the race.  It’s going to be a long race for him.

Race started, I wandered to my next photo op, catching this picture of headstand guy.

Matt climbing up the rope, which was an obstacle he had a hard time with in April.

This time he  easily rang the bell.

The rings, also a trouble spot last time.  Apparently, they are very slippery, so a lot of grip strength is involved.

Plus, you have to transition from rings to the bar, which kills your momentum.

Then there is  a third transition from bar to rope, and that’s where Matt fell

He did great on this obstacle, though.

Having fulfilled the first part of my athletic supporter picture duties, I retreated to the car to nap and read.  According to our calculations, I would next see him at mile 8, at approximately 4:05.  I set an alarm for 3:45 and proceeded to lounge.  I could see the runners along the tree line and at 3:00 I happened to look up from my book.  Was that just Matt?  I jumped out of the car and indeed it was him, more than an hour ahead of schedule.  Having missed the mile-8 photo, I packed my bag, closed up the car and headed for the photo-op spot, the A-Frame.

On the way I saw this sad story.  Also: ballsy criminals.  Due to the staggered start times of the races, people are wandering around all the time.

The downside of continuous shooting is that it eats through your battery quickly.  I was already on my backup battery, and concerned about running out, so this part of the race I shot one picture at a time. 

I liked how interested these boys were into tying grass around the caution tape.

Matt walking over the wall.

Matt at the top of the wall.

Headed toward the finish.  Plus: that girl’s expression.

Trying to turn off the headlamp he was required to wear.

Socks, duct tape and shoes, post race.

Matt indicating he has completed a Trifecta:  Sprint, Super and Beast. (The official Spartan Race requires you to complete all three races in one calendar year, but I think that’s a dumb rule, designed only to boost their sales.)  When you have completed a Trifecta, you get to buy a special medal to hold all three pieces.  The Spartan Race never misses an opportunity to make money.

Matt and the Edge Shirt, post-race.

Self-portrait by smiling males.  (rare)

Matt’s beefcake shot.

A happy finisher.

The athletic supporter had to use the port-a-potties, so the athlete ended up holding the sign with his head on it.  He seemed a bit embarrassed.

Rather than wait in the clump of the front side of the sign, we opted for the post race photo to be on the other side.

One thought on ““Seattle” Spartan Race”

  1. Congrats, Matt! Such a huge achievement! You don’t have a very convincing “beast face” though.

    It really sucks that someone broke into that person’s car. I don’t know why people’s shittiness continues to surprise me, but it does.

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