SKS postcard: Minnesota lingo and Minnesota letters

Two days later, all postcards are reunited. Here are postcards #2 and #3 of the trio. Where were postcards #2 and #3 while #1 was speeding toward me? One never knows.
Sara reports that she’s had a bit busier summer than usual, hence her lack of social media participation of late.¬†However, she is halfway through the course she’s adjuncting.This is my other favorite style of postcard. The letters of the name filled with highlights of the place. Of the things pictured on this postcard, I’ve seen two: the state capitol building and Spoonbridge and Cherry.

What a nice postcard trio.

One thought on “SKS postcard: Minnesota lingo and Minnesota letters”

  1. I was first N and O when I sent it and now I’ve added the A after our trip! YEAH!

    And where do they go? I always send them on the same day!

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