So many choices.

The small print says, “100+ drink choices.”  I read it an immediately felt sorry for the Burger King employees who must connect customers with some choice among the 100+ drink choices.  As I remember from my time in customer service, the more choices for the customer, the more confused and slow the customer becomes.

2 thoughts on “So many choices.”

  1. I think this is an ad for one of those fancy machines that is self-serve and allows the users to select a base pop flavor and then add others (lemon, lime, cherry, etc.). If you haven't seen one, they are kind of fun in an odd way. All of our Five Guys (originated here in Arlington, now seen as franchises everywhere – perhaps you have seen them) and Regal theaters have them here. Perhaps it is not the nightmare you are imagining. But it would be if it was not self-serve.

  2. I would be all for them if they are self-serve. I just have memories of working in the Juice Bar at Whole foods and people would order a beet carrot and celery juice and then complain that it had too much celery and I'd have to make the whole thing over. But self-serve, they could pick and choose to their hearts content.

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