Some finds at Fabric Depot…

…that stayed at Fabric Depot.
You have no idea how much the matchy-matchy part of me wanted to buy every single color and make 14 of all the same thing.  Fourteen!

I adored this turquoise and purple print.  I think it would make a fantastic shirt. Julie and her friend Olwin found it revolting, which means it’s perfect for me.

All three of us adored this coat, which was on display.

It meets all of my coat requirements which are:  thigh length, hood, hourglass, easy, can do autumn and winter.
Julie bought the pattern.  Now I only have to speed through my oh-so-many-projects so I can make this twice:  Once in heavy material for winter, once in something light for fall/spring.  Don’t hold your breath.
We also bought material for my shrug. It’s boring, but warm.  And I got buttons for my apron as well as the bias tape I need to finish that project.

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