Spotting weird

Man, oh man, did I wish someone else was in the car with me!  As it was, I worked very hard to drive safely and take this picture.  This is why there are no close-up shots, because this car was next to me for miles on MLK Blvd, but I didn’t feel like I could drive and properly frame the photo.  It was only when the car pulled ahead of me to turn that I took the picture, which is too bad, because the details are crazy.

What do we have in the above picture?  The cylindrical form on the top of the car reminds me of the motorcycle cage Ryan Gosling used for his crazy motorcycle riding (see below)

And I think that was the point, because there were two BMX bicycles attached to the inside of the cage.  I couldn’t believe the amount of work that went into this.  The car had great swaths of its roof cut away.  The cage was welded to the car.  The bikes were welded to the cage.

And for what?  Car sculpture?  Final’s week art project?  Odd homage to bad-boy-holding-baby movies?

I’ll never know, I guess.

2 thoughts on “Spotting weird”

  1. Maybe they do BMX bike stunts in it or something and were transporting it to their next gig?

    I never see weird stuff driving around in Dallas. It makes me a little sad. I miss telling "You'll never believe the weird thing I saw…" stories.

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