May 8, 2023, Zentangle

This is my last Zentangle in the series. I did a lot of my tangling while waiting for Sentinel to eat his meals. He died, and that time went away . I would like to pick it up again in the future.

I especially enjoyed the more organic tangles I’ve been learning. The top left is Verdigogh, and the top right is Locar. Lower left is Yincut, and lower right is my new favorite Bales.

Zentangle 21 March 2023

Here we have Bales (upper left), Poke Root (top middle), a tiny bit of my favorite Shattuck (top right); Finery (middle right), the quite dramatic Onamato (lower right) and Florz (lower left) a Zentangle that is one of the first taught in the Zentangle book from the creators, but takes a while to show up in my Zentangle Book, (One Zentangle a Day by Beckah Krahula)

Zentangle No. 6

Here we have Poke Root (upper left corner); Flux (leaf thing in the middle that sprouts out of the frame; Echoism (loopy thing in upper right corner); Festune (tire thing in lower corner); Shattuck (my favorite new thing: the ribbed thing in the middle; Printemps (swirlies on the left); and the very dramatic Purk (beaded looking thing in upper left below Poke Root)

I really enjoyed shading this one.

Zentangle No. 6 and Project Pact No. 1 Bijou

My sixth Zentangle turned out well, I think. It has Vega (snake looking tube), Festune (blood-cell looking things) Purk (bejeweled grenade in the middle), Amaze (scribbly lines), the still-elusive Mooka (on the right) surrounded by Tipple (tiny circles), plus a tiny little Flux popping out on the left.

I ordered the first Zentangle project pack so I could start to experiment with black tiles and white pens and was very pleased by the first exercise. It started with a spiral and then circles tracing that spiral, and then aura-ing the circles. It was very simple and looks great. (It looks better at its real size and held at arm’s length.)

This size tile is called a Bijou tile. It’s quite small, maybe 1.5 inches square.

Zentangle ATC 02 15 2023

This lesson was about combining tangles.

From the top: Flux (plant leaf) with Fescue (stalk with seed); Knight’s Bridge (checkerboard) with Tipple (circles); the still elusive Mooka (wormy looking thing in the center) with Nekton (hashmarks); Isochor (curved lines) with Tipple (circles); Hollibaugh (pickup sticks) with Printemps (oval spirals); Shattuck (triangles) with Amaze (squiggles).

Overall, I think these things shared this space very well.

Zentangle ATC 1.29.2023

When I bought my super expensive (but amazing!) pencil holder at Kinokuniya, I also bought a Zentangle kit that came with pens and artist trading card–sized Zentagle tiles. I don’t know if ATCs are really a thing outside the Zentangle world (a brief skim of the Wikipedia entry tells me not really) but it is a nice size to work in for Zentangles.

Here we have (from the top) Printemps (spiral things), Nekton (stacked alternating lines in groups of three), Static (nicely shaded zigzags, if I do say so myself), Knights Bridge (diamond checkerboard), Crescent Moon (half moon with radiating lines) and Nipa (spheres and wavy lines.)

I think I’ll send the finished ATCs along with my correspondence.