The One Bag List

Since 2008, I’ve been packing using the OneBag List, which friend Dana found online and shared with me right before we went to Hungary for the second time. The list makes sure I don’t forget anything and it also has allowed me to continue to use a tiny suitcase, no matter the length of the trip.

The OneBag website is still around, though I’m guessing it hasn’t changed much, graphically since Dana accessed it in 2008. The PDF I use is only accessible via a browser extension, so I can’t see if it’s been updated, but if you are looking for a minimalist (yet, everything you need) way to pack, I recommend the site and method.

Oh wait! The packing list is found here! No browser extension needed.

2 thoughts on “The One Bag List”

  1. Hmmmmm…I have been trying to one-bag pack myself. I am not always good about streamlining that one bag! But I like it.

    This list is awesome. Just downloaded the pdf for myself!

    1. I always think I should just re-type the list for the things that apply to me. But it’s such a nice list I never do.

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