Three sentence movie reviews: All the President’s Men


There’s a new podcast I’m excited about* and so I watched this film (finally).**  I loved a lot of the camera work*** and the slow diligence of getting all the ducks in a line.  While not super action-packed by today’s standards, it did ratchet up the tension and it was fun to watch Hoffman & Redford together.

Cost: $2.99 via Amazon Play.  (I didn’t even check first at the video store. I just streamed. Sigh. I’m part of the problem.)
Where watched: at home, on my desktop.

*It’s called “The Next Picture Show” and (according to them) it’s where a Movie of the Week meets the movie of the day.  In the first episode they featured this movie and paired it with the new release Spotlight.
**Though I have read the book.
***Slow pan while doing research in the Library of Congress!!

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: All the President’s Men”

  1. I truly enjoyed this movie the last time I watched it. It was especially fun living in DC and coming by both the Watergate Building and the parking lot where Deepthroat revealed his secrets. Having that real life connection made watching it for a second time even more interesting.

  2. Ah, an early Hoffman I haven’t seen (between the Best Picture winners and the AFI Top 100, I began to think I’d seen all of them!). I should watch this. I feel like he and Redford would work really well together.

    1. They have great opposite energy together. I read that they both memorized each other’s lines so they could step on each other in conversation. It apparently kept the other actors on their toes.

      It’s a little slow, by modern standards, but still good.

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