Three sentence movie reviews: Phantom Thread

There was brilliant acting by all three leads, plus a delicious feast of clothing for the eye. However, I’ve grown tired of entitled men being assholes and arranging their world to revolve around them, so most of this movie was excruciating.* It’s worth watching, though, so you know what people are talking about when they reference “the ending” with befuddled glee and/or confusion.

Cost: $5.35
Where watched: Regal City Center Stadium 12

*I did not find this to be, as the Filmspotting crew termed it, “a love story.”

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One thought on “Three sentence movie reviews: Phantom Thread”

  1. Yep. You summed up my reason to avoid the film (sentence 2) even though I had heard similar merits (sentence 3). It will stay on my No Thanks list, and I appreciate your review of it.

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