Three sentence movie reviews: Sleeping With Other People


This movie was hilarious, taking up the same subject that Two Night Stand did, but with older people. *  As usual Alison Brie got the job done the way she always does,** and Jason Sudeikis had a half Jimmy Stewart, half talk-y Vince Vaughn thing going on.  Overall, a grand way to spend an afternoon.***

Cost: $7.00
Where watched: Regal Fox Tower w/Christi

*Note that you would probably have to enjoy frank discussions of sex to find this movie hilarious.
**Trudy Campbell!
***Because I liked this movie so much, I am completely letting slide the very troublesome-from-a-feminist-perspective aspects of this movie namely: Jason Sudeikis’s character sleeps with a ton of women, whereas Alison Brie sleeps with two.  Also,  Sudeikis’s character explains to Brie how to masturbate?  In 2015?  Really?

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2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Sleeping With Other People”

  1. I’ve known women who didn’t masturbate (They thought it was gross or something? I don’t know. I was so appalled that I didn’t ask as many questions as I should have when I found out.) so I could buy that an adult female character wouldn’t have done it before, but it’s rather instinctive (no one taught me how; I figured it out) and I doubt that she would need a man to teach it to her.

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