Three sentence movie reviews: Supercross: The Movie.

It wasn’t horrible.  It wasn’t good either, being incredibly predictable and not very ably acted.  Nor were the dirt bike scenes very interesting, but overall it wasn’t an offensive movie, just the kind of movie that shows up on cable and you leave it on because you are mildly depressed and can’t think of anything better to do.

Cost:  free due to boyfriend going out of town and letting girlfriend poach off his Netflix queue.
Where watched:  At home, while painting my toenails a fabulous shade of dark blue with turquoise glitter.  My time wasn’t invested in vain because they look great!

Channing Tatum screen time:  probably about 10 minutes total.  He plays the son of a man who owns a company that makes dirt bikes. I’m guessing if the dirt bike people read this review they would leave very angry comments about my use of the word dirt bikes.

5 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Supercross: The Movie.”

  1. Lol at not changing the channel because of mild depression. This is another movie I've never heard of, but I can't say that I would have ever wanted to watch it even before your less than stellar review. Is this your final Channing Tatum movie (other than any new ones that come out, of course)?

  2. You are always so generous to us. I believe you are almost to the end of your CT film fest. At least until his next movie comes out.

  3. Very soon will be published the definitive blog post for planning your own Channing Tatum Film Festival. I still have to watch Step-Up 2: The Streets, which I wasn' t going to watch because I heard he only has a tiny bit part and I wasn't in the mood, but in making the definitive blog post my complete-ist nature got the best of me and I requested it from the library. So you have that to look forward to.

    And the next movie coming out I was very excited about because it's about wrestling, which I find very interesting. Plus it has Steve Carell and is about that weird du Pont guy who murdered that wrestler. It had a good buzz and was supposed to come out in November, but it got shunted to early 2014, so I'm wondering if it isn't very good.

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