Three sentence movie reviews: Weiner

I had this calibrated as “funny documentary” and then was confused to find that the story was mostly sad.  Aside from the incorrect packaging* this was an engrossing documentary.  It’s one thing when you sign up for the documentary about your comeback mayoral campaign, but end up in the documentary about your derailed mayoral campaign.

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home, while cooking.**

This movie is featured with the War Room as part of a Next Picture Show podcast.

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*Maybe the ease at which puns can be associated with Anthony Weiner is the reason that two of three quotes on the poster refer to the humor in the film.
**This was an experiment to see if I could watch documentaries while cooking.  The answer is no.

3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Weiner”

  1. Interesting! I would have said, yep, funny. Good to know that cooking and docs is a no for you.

  2. It is kind of hard to believe that this man is so ridiculously, appropriately named (although, in German, it basically means winemaker). Is it hubris, I wonder, that made him agree to a documentary when he knew that, behind the scenes, he was still doing bad stuff?

    I can pretty much only watch documentaries while doing needlework. Anything else is too distracting.

    1. The movie opens with some sort of quote about names becoming destiny that is quite appropriate.

      I wonder if he lived in Germany, if he would have been more successful. Maybe his family had to flee the holocaust and that set them on the trajectory.

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