Tree down!

One of those things I managed to capture in a non-dramatic way, but whatever.
See where that tree is on the ground?  Usually that’s a side road.

You can see where the road turns to join Interstate, but is crossed by a tree.

There’s a signpost in the midst of the mess too.

Initially I thought someone made a drunk driving turn and ended up on this side of the street and ran into the tree.  However, additional observation caused me to conclude that someone was traveling in this direction on Interstate, lost control of their car (probably drunk) and veered into the median where the tree and sign were, clobbering it.  Then the sped off through the DMV parking lot, leaving skid marks.
No matter how hard I thought, I couldn’t remember exactly where the tree had been.

3 thoughts on “Tree down!”

  1. Gosh, I wonder what happened to that driver? Kind of scary to think that guy/lady was out driving around where there were other human beings.

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