What we still write and mail in these modern times.

Judging from the amount of shelf space devoted to thank you notes, one can extrapolate that the only thing people hand write and mail anymore are thank you notes.  This is a shelf at Target, where I had a gift card.  Maybe I will get some stationary, I thought to myself.  I was excited to see the huge selection they hand and then, as usual deflated to realize that 90% of the offerings are thank you notes.  Grrr.

4 thoughts on “What we still write and mail in these modern times.”

  1. I have noticed this as well. Of course, the downside to stationary is that the pages tend to be so small. Then you have to use like 10 of them to write a letter, running the risk of making your letter too heavy for just one stamp. Do I sense a conspiracy between the stationary industry and the post office?

  2. I do find it fun that I have so many thank yous to choose from. But I also agree, stationery is hard to find these days. Remember the pastel lined stationery notepads with matching envelopes? They looked like steno pads (minus the coil binding and line down the middle). Wonder if they even makes those anymore?

  3. Totally I remember those. The other thing that would be cool if it were still around were the one sheet jobbers that folded in three and sealed with a sticker (included) and voila! your letter is also the envelope.

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