When’s that Channing-Tatum-with-the-wolf-ears movie coming out?

I was thinking it was this weekend, but the Internet made me laugh arguing with itself.  The top search result plainly states July 18, 2014, but the picture next to that information says February 2015.
Phooey.  That was one of my five approved movies to see in the theater this summer. In happier news, this means I can sub in Boyhood  which I stupidly forgot to put on the list and which I’m dying to see.  Boyhood is going to be a better movie anyway.

2 thoughts on “When’s that Channing-Tatum-with-the-wolf-ears movie coming out?”

  1. Poor internet is a little confused. Boyhood was excellent. It made me think about the younger Ethan Hawke as the greazy sort of artsy/poetic pessimistic philosopher that is a crushable pseudo-bad boy/slacker (for me) type. And now he's very good at playing the slightly unreliable but redeemable dad type. Still a bit greazy in his way!

  2. I see that Jupiter Ascending also stars Sean Bean. I wonder when in the movie he'll die, haha. I saw Mr. Tatum's wife in something the other day. I don't think she's very pretty but perhaps that's just ingrained dislike on your behalf. 🙂

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