Work being done to spiff up the Orange Door

Some of the wood between the siding pieces has rotted with the extreme sun exposure on the south side.  So we’re getting new wood pieces and a paint job!


For unknown reasons Upstairs Kitty’s owner decided to shave her for the summer.  Her fur is slowly growing back.  Upstairs Kitty declined to pose for the picture.  She’s contrarian like that.  Which I would be too, if someone shaved off all my fur, leaving a stupid tuft at the end of my tail.

2 thoughts on “Work being done to spiff up the Orange Door”

  1. It would never even cross my mind to shave a cat, except for medical reasons. Is Upstairs Kitty normally long-haired? Do you know what color they’re going to paint?

    1. She’s usually a big ball of orange and white fluff.

      We’re getting the exact same colors, which I’m happy about.

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