You can take your new era and shove it.

How I used to read the paper seven days a week:  a bundle of a paper was delivered to my doorstep and I read it.
How I will read the paper 3 of seven days per week:  supposedly on my tiny phone.
Except the stupid digital version doesn’t work on my phone.  That blue square is where the content is supposed to be.  You know, because we are calling it “content” now, not “news”.

2 thoughts on “You can take your new era and shove it.”

  1. I'm so sorry! I know it stinks. I have many a rant about a certain search engine has gotten read of certain RSS feed reader and start page that I love. What's next? Will my blog hosting agent also be dismantled. Sometimes this modern era…

  2. Ugh, I hate reading stuff on my phone. That sucks! I don't even really read the news at all any longer, except for occasionally online.

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