NW Hoyt & 18th not long for this world? Or will it stay?

I snapped a picture of this building and then did some research on what’s happening with it. As usual the Next Portland site was very helpful.

1727 NW Hoyt was originally built as a maternity hospital, most recently was an office building and has been vacant since 2007. In 2014 the developer applied for a demolition permit, but was rebuffed.  The most recent update is from 2015, with talk of converting it to boutique hotel rooms.  It’s certainly got good parking for that purpose. However, the time that has passed has me wondering if that is what will come to pass.

Three sentence movie reviews: Flash Gordon


While I fell asleep several times during this film, I always enjoy looking at the practical effects of the pre-CGI world. The acting was mostly terrible (exception: Timothy Dalton), but it’s an iconic film that I’m happy to have seen. Or seen most of, I guess.

Cost: $2.00 (I have found the cheapest theater in town!)
Where watched: McMenamins Mission Theater

Three sentence movie reviews: The Bourne Supremacy


In this sequel to the Bourne Identity we find out more pieces of Jason Bourne’s* past and watch him work through some forgiveness things. The action was well paced and made sense** and there were at least three times I gasped aloud in surprise. Plus, Joan Allen!

Cost: free from library
Where watched: at home, in preparation for Filmspotting’s 2019 March Madness

*And can we just talk for a moment about what a great name Jason Bourne is? Jason is the ultimate anonymous name of that particular era,*** and “bourne” is both a homonym for “born” a theme of the first movie, and also is a misspelling the the past participle of “bear” which is a good description of the weight Jason Bourne’s carries pre-amnesia and also post-amnesia. Kudos to Robert Ludlum for thinking up this name.
**A thing that is mostly not true for many of the action movies I watch.
***I think a fun fictional coupling would be Jason Bourne and the feminist terrorist organization Jennifer from Sarai Walker’s Dietland.