I always wondered what Trimet worker had that job.

IMG_3466Think about it.  Every stop in the metro area has at least a piece of paper saying what routes service the stop and the stop ID number.  Bigger stops have a full poster including bus schedules for all routes.  Train stops and some transit centers have multiple posters with schedules.  Who are the people who are always making sure these are up-to-date?  Today, I caught a picture of one of them.

Three sentence movie reviews: Love & Mercy

love_and_mercyWhile I would not have cast John Cusack as Brian Wilson (they seem to be two quite different people features-wise) I can say that after a while I stopped being distracted by his inability to look like Brian Wilson and eventually enjoyed his performance. The acting was first-rate here, with all the leads bringing their A-game to this back-and-forth biopic (Paul Dano plays the mid-60s Brian Wilson–he’s amazing–John Cusack plays the late-80s Brian Wilson).  And overall, this is an incredible film with lots to look at and be absorbed by.*

Cost:  Free due to Kelly’s Fandago gift card (given to her by regular commenter Jan) $10.17 worth of snacks were purchased also.  That was a pretzel for me and a soda for her.
Where watched:  Regal City Center 12, with the aformentioend Kelly.

*Slight downside.  You will have Beach Boys songs in your head for a very long time after seeing this movie. But it will be worth it.

poster from: http://www.impawards.com/2015/love_and_mercy.html